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What Is the Difference Between Vitamin D and D3 and Why Should You Care

As vitamin D is one of the essential vitamins for our health, it is important to know the difference between vitamin D and D3.

This vitamin helps our bodies to digest and accumulate calcium and phosphorus. It keeps up our immune system, keeps our heart healthy and prevents cancer. That is why some basic knowledge on vitamin D is essential for those, who care about their healthy living and diet.

In the nature, Vitamin D exists in two main forms. Those are Vitamin D2 and Vitamin D3. The main difference between those two kinds of vitamin D is that one of them is produced by plants and the other one is produced by animals or humans.

The ways those two vitamins are produced differ much.

Vitamin D2 is produced inside the plants and gets to our bodies through the plant foods or milk, we consume.

Vitamin D3 is produced by our own bodies, when our skin gets exposed to sun rays.

We start the synthesis of vitamin D 3, as soon, as our skin comes in contact with enough of UV-B sun rays. We can also consume it in foods or supplements, made of animal products.

When we consume vitamin D supplements, they can produce different results in our bodies, depending on the source of vitamin D in them. That is why learning about the difference between vitamin D and D3 is essential.

Vitamin D2, for instance, when being digested, is breaking down to possibly harmful substances. These elements are not only harmful, but can even lead to developing cancer conditions.

However, this does not happen in the case of vitamin D3. When being digested by our bodies, vitamin D3 engages in our metabolic processes. It helps to maintain proper phosphorus and calcium balance in the body and blood. It builds up our bones and prevents rickets in young children. It also keeps adults’ heart healthy. Unlike vitamin D2, vitamin D3 helps to prevent and fight cancer.

So, as you may see, this difference between two kinds of vitamin D is essential and is based on the origin of this vitamin. When you consider the possibility of taking vitamin D in food supplements, find the ones, made only of animal products. This means, those supplements would contain vitamin D3, and not vitamin D2. Again, knowing the difference between vitamin D and D3 is crucial, as taking D2 instead of D3 can be harmful for your health.