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7 Most Known Symptoms of Vitamin C Deficiency You Should Know

Since vitamin C is one of the essential vitamins for our health, symptoms of vitamin C deficiency should be widely known. This vitamin takes part in our immune system work; it keeps our skin, bones, hair, gums and other organs and body systems health. So, here are the 7 most known symptoms of this vitamin deficiency.

  • Gum bleeding

Vitamin C deficiency can produce weak, affected and bleeding gums. At the age of wind sailing many people perished of scurvy, as they did not know, what it was caused by. Gum bleeding becomes extreme at this condition.

  • Fatigue

Vitamin C deficiency weakens your immune system and your entire body. You start feeling weak, numb in your limbs, have hard time getting out of bed and starting your day.

  • Skin problems

Vitamin C takes active part in healing up and forming your skin. A person with vitamin C deficiency starts having problems with healing up wounds. The protective and antibacterial properties of your skin weaken and you may start developing many skin inflammation processes.

  • Bones problems

Vitamin C deficiency may lead to your bones becoming fragile; you may get fractured bones more easily. This particular manifestation of symptoms of vitamin C deficiency is especially commonly dealt with in children.

  • Aches

A person with vitamin C deficiency may experience muscle and joint aches of unknown origin. They may be accompanied by general weakness and limb numbness.

  • Mood changes

Increased irritability and rapid mood changes may also be the signs of vitamin C deficiency. They are often time accompanied by fatigue and aches in the body.

  • Hair and nail problems

The hair of a person with vitamin C deficiency may become dim and split at the ends. It loses its natural beauty and shining.  The nails also become split and peeling. As you may see, all your main outward beauty attributes, such as skin, hair and nails become greatly affected by vitamin C deficiency.

By bringing down your immune system, vitamin C deficiency brings the risks of getting ARD and flue more often and having hard time combating various viruses and bacteria, we deal with daily. Such deficiency may undermine our entire health and lead to multiple inflammatory processes in the body. That is why you should know major symptoms of vitamin C deficiency and be able to timely diagnose and prevent it.