vitamin d deficiency symptoms in adults

Vitamin D Deficiency Symptoms in Adults: Osteomalacia and its Signs

Worried about vitamin d deficiency symptoms in adults, like osteomalacia? Learn about it and its signs…

Vitamin d deficiency, also known as Osteomalacia is a condition that generally affects the bones. The condition is brought about by a lack of calcium in the diet and deficiency of the vitamin D.

Another common cause of the condition is a lack of phosphate which is usually brought about by increased renal loss. Vitamin D deficiency symptoms in adults is characterised by some pain in the lower back and the thighs, the pain usually moves slowly to other areas which include the ribs and the arms.

This pain is usually experienced in the bones that are affected. Another thing that can be experienced is a general weakening of muscles and the patient usually has a hard time when climbing steep places like stairs or hills. It is also common to find bones becoming weaker or less rigid.

A person that is suffering from this condition may also have other complications which may involve deformity of bones. In medical terms this deformities may include triradiate pelvis and lordosis. It is however very important to note that these signs may have been brought about by a previous attack of the same condition.

Treatment of deformed bones is not possible and that explains why the deformity is not a compulsory sign. Because of the weight that the patient may have, there may be a development of pathological fractures. In simple terms, the most common Vitamin D deficiency symptoms in adults is chronic fatigue, while pain is usually experienced in moments of shock or when pressure is applied on the bones.

Treatment of Vitamin D deficiency in adults is usually done by an administration of 10,000 IU of vitamin D for a period of about four to six weeks. In other instances especially those brought about by a lack of proper absorption of the minerals involved, the treatment may involve injection or daily oral doses of vitamin D.

Below is a summary of vitamin D deficiency symptoms in adults:

  • Weak bones
  • Spinal bone pain
  • Pelvic bone pain
  • General bone pain
  • Bone fracture
  • Leg pain
  • Muscle weakness
  • Easy fracturing
  • Deformation of bones
  • Softening of bones
  • Pelvic flattening