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7 Symptoms of Vitamin B Deficiency You Should Know About

When it goes about symptoms of vitamin B deficiency, people start wondering which one of the vitamin B family we have in mind.

The truth is that vitamin B has many members in its family and to single out one particular kind of vitamin and notice its symptoms can be hard, as the entire group of vitamin B works together to build up our health. So, let’s not single out any type of vitamin from this family and take a look at 7 general symptoms of vitamin B deficiency.

  • Chronic fatigue

All Vitamin B group vitamins take active part in our metabolism and in building up our nerve system and brain. Vitamin B deficiency may cause muscle pain, chronic fatigue, feeling of being slowed down, difficulty in focusing on anything, weakness, etc.

  • Heart rhythms problem

The deficiency of some of these vitamins, Vitamin B1, for instance, may lead to slowing down of your heart rhythms and eventually to heart failure and possible death.

  • Digestion problems

Such things, as diarrhea, indigestion or constipation are listed among symptoms of vitamin B deficiency. For instance, diarrhea can be caused by Vitamin B3 deficiency.

  • Emotional instability

Such manifestations of emotional instability as crying fits, nervousness or increased irritability can be caused by vitamin B deficiency. It may also manifest through depressive thoughts, and even through suicidal or death thoughts.

  • Mental disorders

Depression and other mental disorders can be caused by vitamin B deficiency, as the vitamins of this group take key part in formation of your neurons and maintain your nerve system health. Vitamin B deficiency may lead to psychosis or developing various types of mania.

  • Skin problems

Such skin problems, as acne, seborrhea, dermatitis, etc, can be caused by Vitamin B deficiency.  All these skin problems might be accompanied by digestion problems.

  • Anemia

In particular vitamin B12 can cause macrocytic anemia. That is how vitamin B12 deficiency can be diagnosed through blood test. As a rule, such deficiency is accompanies by fatigue, feeling slowed down in mental processes and difficulty in focusing attention.

As you may see, Vitamin B deficiency leads to some very serious health consequence. At this, it is hard to diagnose through medical manipulations, such as running tests. That is why these symptoms of vitamin B deficiency should be widely known and timely spotted, before the deficiency would lead to such undesirable negative health consequences.