vitamin d

Most Dangerous 7 Symptoms of Vitamin D Deficiency

Even symptoms of vitamin D deficiency can be dangerous for your health and life, let alone the consequences of its deficiency in our bodies. That is why these symptoms should be known and the deficiency of this vitamin should be timely diagnosed and treated.

  • Obesity

Watching TV, we begin to realize how life threatening obesity can become, if it comes out of our control. It can literally kill you. Now, vitamin D takes part in leptin production. This is a hormone, which regulates how your body accumulates fat. The lack of this hormone can easily lead to obesity.

  • Bone problems

Calcium is essential element both for our bones and teeth. No matter how much calcium you consume, your body cannot absorb it, unless you supply it with enough of vitamin D. Such problems, as soft bones, rickets or osteoporosis may all be caused by vitamin D deficiency.

  • Weak immune system

This is another one of dangerous symptoms of vitamin D deficiency. Weak immune systems means, you are at greater risk of getting infected with all those viruses or bacteria. You may get flue or ARD more often and have hard time getting over them.

  • Depressive disorder

Researches showed that people with low level of vitamin D are more depression prone. They have harder times getting over their depression, if not timely administered proper doses of vitamin D.

  • High blood pressure

As one of the consequences of weak immune system, your body may develop high blood pressure. The lack of vitamin D may lead to vascular problems and arrhythmia.

  • Asthma

Asthma is considered to be an autoimmune disorder. People with this condition and low level of vitamin D tend to develop severe asthma fits.

  • Inflammation

Inflammation occurs in our bodies, when our tissues get infected with bacteria or viruses. As vitamin D deficiency greatly weakness our immune system and undermines the ability of our bodies to combat infection, people with this vitamin D deficiency symptom may have multiple inflammations in their bodies and difficulty of getting rid of them. These inflammations may include pus acne.

Vitamin D deficiency does require timely treatment. It is obvious that these symptoms of vitamin D deficiency can be life threatening on their own or they can lead to further health problem and grave conditions to deal with.