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Top 7 Major Vitamin A Deficiency Symptoms

Knowing vitamin A deficiency symptoms is crucial even for those, who live in well developed and highly civilized countries, as this vitamin deficiency is not only found in third world countries.

If you can timely notice the deficiency and supply your body with enough of vitamin A, you can prevent many negative health consequences of such deficiency.

So, take a look at 7 major symptoms of vitamin A deficiency.

Vitamin A deficiency affects three main systems and organs of our bodies. That is why Vitamin A deficiency symptoms are most commonly found, affecting:

  • Eyes

Night blindness:

With this vitamin A deficiency symptom, people, who with good sight, start having problems, seeing objects in dimmer light. That happens, because Vitamin A deficiency affects the ability of our bodies to produce certain eye pigment, which makes our eyes sensitive to dim light.


The same is true about the role of Vitamin A deficiency in causing color blindness. Vitamin A is one of the key vitamins for our vision. The normal intake of this vitamin should be around 25 000 IU per day for a healthy adult person.

Complete Sight Loss:

If vitamin A deficiency is not treated timely, it can lead to complete sight loss.

  • Skin Acne:

Acne is not caused directly by vitamin A deficiency alone, but it can certainly worsen any existing acne condition. Vitamin A is considered one of the most efficient acne treatments.

Dry Skin:

As vitamin A takes active part in skin formation and health processes, its deficiency can evoke extreme skin dryness. Besides negative esthetic effects of dry skin, it may have health effects, too. Dry skin means irritated skin. An irritated skin becomes acne prone and provides less protection for our bodies from various bacteria. Soon, over dried skin can turn into an inflamed skin.

  • Hair and Nail

Dry Hair:

Dry hair does not only spoil our looks, but also signals of health problems and vitamin A deficiency is one of them.

Peeling Nails:

The same is true about peeling nails. That is not just cosmetic problem. Of course, peeling nails by themselves do not threat our health, but they certain indicate of overall body problems.

Now you can see, why knowing vitamin A deficiency symptoms is important, as they can help you timely detect such deficiency and fix both its health and cosmetic consequences.