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7 Key Things You Have to Know About Vitamin D Council Immediately

Vitamin D council is a non profit organization, founded back in 2003. You may wonder, why would someone want to start something like that and what purposes might this organization pursue.

For many people vitamin D is something they have heard of to be delivered to their bodies through diary products or through insolation. But, they do not view it of great importance to their health. That is where the biggest danger lies and that is one of the reasons, why such council was created.

So, here you can learn 7 things about this council and the importance of the work, carried out by it for you and your family life and health.

  • The first fact that lays in the foundation of this council’s work is this:

vitamin D deficiency is a very common and grave health related problem for millions of people all over the world. Besides, the awareness of this problem is very low, both with general public and with government or health decision makers.

  • Vitamin D council was founded to send the word out about vitamin D deficiency problem and help people to detect their vitamin D level and fill up the deficiency with the right means. They work hard on boosting the awareness of this health related issue among all parties involved, such as people, industry manufacturers and governments.
  • One of the major council’s goals is to gather up, analyze and spread around all the scientific research data on vitamin D deficiency and health effects. It is done both through their web site and through various media channels, such as YouTube, for instance.
  • Council’s web site is used for publishing the latest information on Vitamin D related research. Council’s staff works hard on gathering it up, studying it and providing it to people in the form of newsletters in highly readable and easy to understand form.
  • This council also works with autism spectrum disorder children to diagnose vitamin D deficiency in them and help to fill it up. They carry out and sponsor relevant scientific research in the area.
  • The founder and active leader of the council is Dr. John J. Cannel.  He puts forth his efforts to educating people about vitamin D deficiency and possible health related problems all over the country, writes papers on vitamin D and carries out various healthy life related campaigns, as one of their key activists.
  • This council has many partners to help carry out its work and increase people’s awareness of this health related issue.

As you may see, vitamin D council carries out good educational and research work to help people live healthy and happy lives.