vitamin d deficiency symptoms in women

Vitamin D Deficiency Symptoms in Women: Hair Loss

Afraid about Vitamin D Deficiency Symptoms in Women: Hair Loss? Read the right information before you get scarred or do more harm than good…

Nutrition is often correlated with hair loss in women, but there have been a lot buzz circulating around on how hair loss is not a vitamin D deficiency symptom. However, a few recent studies have shown efficient hair growth for cancer patients and the prevention of hair loss due to stress by either increasing vitamin D levels in the body or by applying vitamin D treatment onto the scalp.

One of the world’s most prominent hair and scalp specialists and director of the International Association of Trichologists, David Salinger, has concluded that there is enough proof that hair loss is a vitamin D deficiency symptom in women.

As many know, lots of stress may be correlated with hair loss. A substance that may harm the hair follicles, causing the hair to fall out, is neuropeptide Substance P, otherwise known as SP for short. An increase in neuropeptide Substance P can promote the inflammation of nerve cells around the hair follicle, leading to hair loss.

It is possible to prevent the effects of substance P by vitamin D. Vitamin D may be obtained from exposure to the sun.

Neuropeptide substance P is also released from sensory nerve fibers in the skin after individuals are exposed to ultra violet rays. Therefore, individuals hoping to combat hair loss due to stress may find it helpful to get their vitamin D by getting a reasonable dosage of sunlight of around 15 minutes a day, depending on the strength of the sun rays. Other studies have shown that cancer patients who have lost their hair due to chemotherapy have found success in stimulating the growth and recovery of their hair by applying vitamin D serums and ointments directly onto their scalps.

Vitamin D can prevent hair loss due to stress and help with the growth of hair in cancer patients. Women who experience hair loss as a vitamin D deficiency symptom may find it helpful to increase their exposure to sunlight.

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