vitamin d deficiency symptoms in children

Vitamin D Deficiency Symptoms in Children: Rickets and their Causes

Are you worried about vitamin d deficiency symptoms in children like rickets? Learn about them and their causes

Vitamin D deficiency symptoms in children may include a general deformation of the bones. When a child’s bones are affected in this way, it is usually referred to as Rickets.

The condition is usually very easy to identify because almost all the children that have Rickets are bow legged. It is however also important to point out that a lack of calcium or phosphorus may also cause some complications to the bones which may result in Rickets. In simple terms, Rickets is a condition that is caused by a lack of one of the above mentioned nutrients or in some cases all of the nutrients.

Vitamin D deficiency symptoms in children may also include a frequency in fatigue to the body of the child. It is very common to find normal children to be very active at the age of two, but when it comes to the case of a child that has a deficiency of vitamin D then you will notice that the child is always very weak. The child may also experience some complications when it comes to digestion which may be evidenced by constipation or diarrhoea.

It is however important to consult some professional in order to establish the exact deficiency that the child may be suffering from. This is because vitamin D deficiency symptoms in children are very similar to those that are experienced by a child that is suffering from a lack of the other two mentioned minerals or nutrients.

Once you establish the real deficiency, then you will have a much easier time when it comes to treatment of the condition. Otherwise you may end up treating a wrong deficiency and thus you will achieve no positive result when it comes to correction of the complication that your child may be suffering from.