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Vitamin D and Breast Cancer: Myths and Facts

Many have heard contradicting evidence that vitamin D and breast cancer may or may not be linked. Several studies show that the two are associated, however other studies show that there are no links between the two.

Now, studies that do show that there is a correlation between the two involve women with the highest intake of vitamin D in comparison with those with the lowest vitamin D intake.

One study showed that women who had vitamin D levels greater than 52ng per millilitre cut their risk of developing breast cancer in half.

Cedric Garland, a vitamin D researcher, estimates that almost 60 thousand new cases of breast cancers could be prevented in the United States each year, just by increasing your vitamin D levels to 52ng per millilitre!

Another study shows that women who worked in the sun, who took fish oil supplements, ate fish, and drank milk fortified with vitamin D were significantly less at risk of developing breast cancer by about 25 to 40%.

For those who have are already had breast cancer, a study shows that patients with deficient vitamin D were 71% more likely to to have a recurrence. It may be difficult to estimate your vitamin D intake without going to the physician or health care provider, however, a simple blood test is the only thing needed to find out what your vitamin D levels are. Your physician will be able to determine the best way for you to get your vitamin D.

These studies have shown that vitamin D and breast cancer are correlated when comparing the risk of getting breast cancer of those with high vitamin D levels to those who are very vitamin D deficient.

What are you going to do next now that you know this?