vitamin d

Top 7 Major Vitamin D Benefits

Learning about top 7 vitamin D benefits may help you to decide, whether you really need to get some additional doses of this vitamin D to keep you healthy. So, take a look at what role vitamin D plays in your bodies.

  • Bones and teeth

This was one of the first functions of vitamin D in our bodies, discovered by scientists. They have found that vitamin D is essential for calcium absorption. Without it our bodies are unable to accumulate calcium and build up our bones and teeth. In young age vitamin D deficiency may lead to rickets and in adults it may lead to caries and osteoporosis. It also takes part in maintaining proper calcium and phosphorus balance in our bodies.

  • Heart

For many years the only vitamin D benefits known to scientists added up to keeping out bones healthy. But later on they have discovered that vitamin D is crucial for keeping human heart healthy and preventing various heart diseases. In fact, people with heart conditions are prescribed higher doses of vitamin D as part of their treatment.

  • Immune system

Vitamin D plays key role in strengthening immune system and helping us fight such diseases, as flue or ARD.

  • Cancer

Vitamin D takes active part in cancer prevention and combating this serious condition. Patients with cancer are often times prescribed higher doses of vitamin D for their treatment.

  • Brain work

It was discovered that vitamin D enhanced brain work in elderly people. It helps the nerve system to function more effectively and slows down brain aging.

  • Normal weight

According to some researches, people with higher level of vitamin D in blood had less fat in their abdominal body areas. They also had a healthier fat and muscle correlation in their bodies and less visceral fat, the presence of which indicates the risks of developing heart and diseases.

  • Multiple sclerosis

Scientists have discovered that people, who in tropic area, have much lower risks of developing multiple sclerosis. In those areas, people have enough of UV-B sun rays throughout the year and do not experience significant vitamin D deficiency. Scientists believe, the low risks of developing multiple sclerosis is directly conditioned by high level of vitamin D in body.

Now, when you know at least 7 vitamin D benefits, you may consider including a good vitamin D food supplement and vitamin D rich foods into your diet.