vitamin d deficiency symptoms

Top 7 Health Risks for People with Vitamin D Deficiency Symptoms

Vitamin D deficiency symptoms by all means are not pleasant. But, they are not all, you get to deal with, when consuming or producing too little of this vitamin. Next come the risks of health damage, you can get, if the proper quantity of vitamin D is not administered to your body. Take a look at 7 top such risks, conditioned by the deficiency of vitamin D.

  • Bones

This is one of the first problems, both kids and adults encounter, when they experience vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D is essential for absorbing calcium and maintaining proper calcium and phosphorus balance. As one of the vitamin D deficiency symptoms, young children may develop rickets. Adults and especially women risk developing osteoporosis.

  • Immune system

Vitamin D is a pro-hormone that takes active part in the work of our immune system. It boosts the immunity and helps us to resist many inflammatory processes and viruses in our bodies. Thus, vitamin D deficiency undermines immunity system and puts you at greater risks of ARD.

  • Heart

Vitamin D deficiency can cause certain heart problems. Eventually, such deficiency may lead to heart strokes or at least to heart rhythms problems.

  • Caries

Naturally, as vitamin D takes the most active part in calcium absorption, its deficiency greatly affects our teeth. It puts you at much greater risks of developing caries, as your teeth need much of it for their health.

  • Depression

Even though, depression is listed as one of Vitamin D overdosing symptoms, it can also be cause by its deficiency. According to researches, people with high levels of vitamin D in blood proved to be less prone to depression.

  • Cancer

The studies showed that people with enough Vitamin D in their bodies more rarely develop cancer. So, it can work as one of the main cancer preventive therapies. Thus, vitamin D deficiency puts you at greater risks of developing this grave disease.

  • Asthma

It was noticed that children with severe vitamin D deficiency would develop severe asthma fits. Administering enough of this vitamin greatly improved their condition.

The above mentioned list of risks, involved with vitamin D deficiency is not complete. There are other conditions and health problems that can be conditioned by its deficiency. But, knowing these risks, related to vitamin D deficiency symptoms, may help you to take the right steps in eliminating the deficiency.