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Top 7 Vitamin D Foods You Should Eat at Breakfast and their Daily Dose

Vitamin D is essential for our bodies and that is why learning the list of 7 top vitamin D foods can help you to keep up the vitamin D supply in your body.

The problem with this vitamin is that it can be found in very few foods. At this, there are two kinds of vitamin D. Those are vitamin D2 and D3. The first one is found in plant foods and the second one is found only in animal foods. D3 is cholesterol based vitamin D. It is the kind, synthesized by our skin, when it comes in contact with sun rays. Vitamin D3 is the kind of vitamin, we need.

So, what foods contain this vitamin?

  • Cod liver oil

This is the champion among vitamin D rich foods. 1 table spoon of cod liver oil can supply your daily dose of vitamin D.

  • Fish

Fatty sea fish is another one of vitamin D foods. Such fish as Salmon is rich with this vitamin. You would need to eat about 3 oz of this fish to fill up your day’s supply of vitamin D. Some less expensive fish, you can eat to get more vitamin D into your body are tuna fish, sardines, or catfish.

  • Meat

As vitamin D is cholesterol based, it is contained mostly in fat meat. So, from this point of view, pork tops the list. But, you can get certain amount of vitamin D from any meat.

  • Eggs

Eggs are also rich with vitamin D. Actually it is stored mainly in the yoke. One egg a day provides you with 10 percent of vitamin D daily dose.

  • Milk

Milk and all the diary products, including curd, cheese, yogurt, etc, contain vitamin D.

  • Liver

Pork or beef liver is rich with this vitamin.

  • Fat

Lard is rich with cholesterol, you already know that, and it provides enough material for our bodies to produce vitamin D.

It is a good idea to include at least one of the above mentioned products into your breakfast. This would energize you and help to make a great day. Of course, dairy products seem to be the most suitable for breakfast, especially if combined with vitamin D rich cereals. You should know that it is hardly possible to overdose this vitamin, consuming it in vitamin D foods.

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